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PhotographFounded in 1995, ReefQuest Marine Projects (Formerly ReefQuest Expeditions) is directed and operated by R. Aidan Martin and Anne Martin, a husband-and-wife team of marine biologists. ReefQuest's Shark Research Program is dedicated to conducting original research on shark behavior, ecology, and life history through field expeditions in which participants actively assist on-going research.

ReefQuest also teaches credit and non-credit courses in marine natural history, produces educational materials, provides lectures and conducts shark expeditions for research purposes, as well as to educate interested people about the wonders and perils faced by sharks.

Founded in 2001, the ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research has become an important source for Elasmobranch information and the Centre itself is dedicated to shark and ray conservation through its scientific research and public education programs.

ReefQuest offers two basic types of Shark Expedition:

  • Research: in which the primary focus is on working together to collect data as part of an on-going research project. The ultimate end-goal of all research projects is to produce a scientific paper for publication in the peer-reviewed literature. Participants for Research Expeditions are screened very carefully and not everyone who applies is accepted, but anyone with a positive attitude, a willingness to work as part of a team, and having skills that will contribute toward a given Expedition's objectives will always be welcome.

  • Education: in which the primary focus is to provide as broad and comprehensive an understanding of a given field of marine biology as possible within the constraints of time and place available. Very often, if Expedition participants are amenable assisting us, some research work is done during our educational programs, but providing our clients with the richest possible learning adventure remains our primary goal. Our Education Expeditions are open to virtually any interested person.

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