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African Shark Eco Charters

Founded by Chris Fallows and Rob Lawrence, African Shark Eco Charters was created to advance the understanding of sharks. They have combined marine experience of 14 years, much of which was spent working with the White Shark Research Institute at Dyer Island. Now based out of Capetown, they continue their studies of White Shark behavior and introduce small groups to the creature they have come to know so well. Chris, in particular, has taught me a great deal about White Shark behavior and I feel very fortunate to be collaborating with African Shark Eco Charters on several projects.

Nautilus Productions

Founded in 1983, Nautilus Productions is an free-lance videography and stock photo agency owned and operated by husband-and-wife team, Rick Allen and Cindy Burnham. Together, these two have covered just about every above and below-water story imaginable. I first got to work with Rick and Cindy during ReefQuest Marine Projects' recent White Shark Expedition to South Africa in August-September 2000. They were so professional and so much fun to work with, I am certain we will collaborate on many more projects together.

Asiatic Marine

Founded in 1995 by marine biologist Charles Frew, Asiatic Marine Ltd. offers Shark Diving Expditions, conducts Marine Surveys, and provides Underwater Videography services. Based in Hong Kong SAR, Asiatic Marine concentrates its efforts in Southeast Asia but by no means limits its activities to the region. I have been corresponding with Charles Frew on developing his Pelagic Thresher Shark (Alopias pelagicus) expeditions for two years and met him in London, England in August 2001. Charles and I are presently cooperating on several shark research projects.


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