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Privacy Statement

ReefQuest Marine Projects reserves the right to re-use, in whole or in part, the contents of any letter, package, E-mail message and/or attachments received, unless specifically stipulated otherwise by the sender.

We respect your privacy and will not, under any circumstances, sell or give away your contact information.We will retain your contact information so that we may contact you at a later time regarding products or services related to those you had already purchased or in which you had otherwise expressed interest. We will not send you information about our products or services if you indicate you do not wish to receive such.

Copyright and Usage Policy

This website is intended to be used. The individual web-pages were created to provide accurate, up-to-date information on sharks and rays to anyone interested in these creatures, for whatever reason.

However, we ask that you please respect that -- unless otherwise indicated -- all text and illustrations on these pages are copyright R. Aidan Martin and the ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research. Images credited otherwise are used with the kind permission of the named photographer or artist and remain their rightful property; permission to use material credited to outside sources must be negotiated directly with the named individual or associated organization.

That said, students, teachers, journalists, researchers and others are welcome to use any material from this website, provided proper acknowledgement is given and the material is not published in any form, including re-posting back to the Internet. Such 'fair use' includes quotation of brief passages or use of our illustrations. Students are reminded that quotation or use of images without credit as well as extensive paraphrasing constitute plagiarism, a very serious academic crime.

Citation of documents published on the World Wide Web is becoming increasingly commonplace. Unfortunately, there is not yet a standard format for citing webpages. To cite material from this website for school papers, the following format is suggested:

Author, Year, Title of Page, Type of Publication, and the Universal Resource Locator (URL) code

For example, to cite a webpage:
Martin, R. Aidan. 2003. Copyright and Usage Policy. World Wide Web Publication,

Any other use of our material is not permitted without prior written consent from R. Aidan Martin or the rightful owner.



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All text & images are copyright. Please contact ReefQuest for usage privaleges. Thanks.
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